The Colour of Our Children


The Colour of Our Children


  • Author: Obehi Peter Ewanfoh
  • Language: English
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The Veneto region, according to the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), has the highest percentage of immigrants in the country on per population basis: 10.4% from a total population of 4,925 million (February 2015). For example, a total of 9.177 children were born to non-Italian couples, representing 0.19% of the total population in the region in 2013 alone1. How are these numbers translated within the local school system? How are these children being prepared to fully understand the diversity of Italian society today, with the new and different faces on the streets of Italy which are here to stay? How do we manage this diversity so that every person in Italy, old and young, feels accepted and contributes to the advancement of the country to his or her full potential?

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